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Top PvP & Server War (SvS)

PvP gameplay in Evony includes battlefields, Server War (SvS) and more.

Best Generals Guides

Informative introduction to Evony's best Historic Generals and combination guides.

Join Events to Get Rewards

Join Evony's fun Events to win bonuses and get exclusive rewards!

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Based on the official Q&A, to learn more, refer to the Official Support.

You can Download and play Evony on Mobile and PC clients.

Like other normal equipment, you can craft them in Forge. Officer equipment includes Staff and Robe now in Evony: Consul’s Staff, Holy Palace Officer’s Staff, Archer Camp Officer’s Staff, Barracks Officer’s Staff, Hospital Officer’s Staff, Academy Officer’s Staff, Archer Tower Officer’s Staff Archer Tower Officer’s Armor, Holy Palace Officer’s Robe, Archer Camp Officer’s Robe, Consul’s Toga, Hospital Officer’s Robe, Academy Officer’s Robe.

Only the General Skin, original Special Skill, Specialties, and Skill Books are effective on Assistant Generals. Upgrades such as General Upgrades, Cultivation, and Enhancement (including Star Upgrades and Ascending) have no effect. Additionally, equipment attributes worn by Assistant Generals are not active. If the original Special Skill of an Assistant General requires a Dragon or Spiritual Beast for activation, the Dragon or Spiritual Beast must still be carried; however, their attributes will not contribute to the effect.

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